Stray dog spark kennel stay row

Paul Newbery with a picture of the dog he found on the street
Paul Newbery with a picture of the dog he found on the street
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A STRAY dog has sparked a row after the person who found it was told the animal was better off in kennels rather than being looked after by him.

Paul Newbery called Blackpool Council’s dog warden service after finding the abandoned cross-breed on his driveway in High Street on Saturday morning.

He agreed to look after the dog until the wardens could pick it up on Monday, but when Mr Newbery said he was prepared to keep it until the owner was traced, he was told it had to be taken to the council pound.

Mr Newbery, a nightclub steward, said: “The dog had no collar and I took it to the PDSA to see if it had a micro-chip, but it didn’t.

“So I then called the council dog warden. The 24-hour service said someone would come round on Monday, but I would be allowed to continue looking after the dog.

“In the meantime I bought him some food and a lead.

“When the dog warden came round, I said I was happy to look after the dog until it could be reunited with its owner because I didn’t want him put in kennels, but they said they were taking him.

“He’d be better off here, where there are people to look after him and take him for walks, than stuck in a kennel, which is a last resort.

“But the council is treating him like he is a lost phone or lap-top.”

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But a spokesman for Blackpool Council said the dog warden had taken the animal because it was felt this was in its best interests.

She added: “The dog warden attended at the request of Mr Newbery to collect a dog he had found.

“On considering what was in the best interests of the dog she decided to take the pet to the kennels where it is being looked after and attempts are being made to trace its owner.

“Mr Newbery refused to allow access for the dog warden to check on the condition of the dog and consequently she had to return with a police officer so she could ensure its well-being.

“After considering a number of issues she determined the dog would be best cared for in kennels rather than staying with Mr Newbery.”

But Mr Newbery denied he had prevented the dog warden seeing the animal.

He said: “I watched as she scanned him.”

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