Stray cat Elvis is feline good!

Elvis reunited with his pal Esther
Elvis reunited with his pal Esther
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Where else would a stray cat called Elvis head for but the bright lights of Blackpool!

The wandering moggie was found in the resort, around 200 miles from his home in Scotland after being missing for 10 months.

His owners have no idea how he reached Blackpool from his home in Ayr, just south of Glasgow.

But somehow he followed the path taken by thousands of Scottish tourists a year to visit the seaside.

He turned up in April in a garden in Bispham but it took several more weeks before his owners were found.

Janette Walker, of Honeysuckle Place, whose own cat went missing in February, spotted the two-year-old ginger and white tom in her garden and started to feed him.

Efforts to trace his owners came to nothing, so eventually she contacted the Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary in St Annes.

They discovered he was microchipped and contact was made with his amazed owners John and Janey Kirkwood back in Scotland.

Janey said: “Elvis had always been a bit of a wanderer but in July 2013 he went missing and, while we all waited for him to come home, after a day or two we began to suspect the worse.

“We informed Anibase, the database for 
microchipped animals, and searched the local 
area with no sign at all,

“We missed him every day but ,over time, became more accepting of the situation that he was not coming back.

“So you can imagine the shock when we got a phone call to say he was in Blackpool! It was amazing!”

Janette, who is herself originally from Glasgow, said: “I have no idea how he came to Blackpool, he may have come on a lorry.

“I was upset that my little cat had gone missing, so I was happy to feed Elvis when I saw him in my garden.

“I advertised him in the paper and on Facebook but to no avail, so then I contacted Easterleigh who came out to check if he was microchipped.

“His owners travelled from Scotland to be
 reunited with him. Janey said she thought he was attracted to me because of my Scottish accent!

“I am so glad the story has a happy ending.”

Janey now hopes Elvis, who was adopted from Cats Protection with 
another cat, Esther, has put his wandering days 
behind him.

She added: “If he hadn’t been microchipped he’d never have been returned to us and we would always be left wondering what had happened.

“We owe huge thanks to Janette who went to so much trouble to find 

“Sadly we will never know where he was 
before he reached her garden – perhaps it is time to develop microchips with satellite tracking!”