Stores handed teen booze rap

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OFF-LICENCES in Wyre are being urged to carry out thorough identification checks after some were found to have sold booze to teens.

Two 15-year-olds carried out a test purchase operation across 14 premises in Poulton, Thornton, Fleetwood and Garstang.

They were able to buy booze at four off-licences – one in each town.

Staff who made the sales were given an £80 fine and the licensee will now have to attend a surgery with police officers and Trading Standards to look at measures to prevent underage sales.

Continual failures during test purchase operations can lead to a licence to sell alcohol being reviewed or removed.

Sgt James Martin, licensing officer, said: “Staff who work in off-licences and pubs should be making thorough checks to ensure the person they are selling alcohol to is not underage and should be refusing sales when it becomes apparent that they are children.

“Underage drinking not only puts children’s health at risk and can place them in dangerous situations, it also contributes to booze-fuelled anti-social behaviour and crime.”

The operation was part of a joint crack down on underage sales by Lancashire Police and the local Community Alcohol Networks.