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John Baron, who runs West Coast Motors, says the phone box is an eyesore
John Baron, who runs West Coast Motors, says the phone box is an eyesore
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They are a classic feature of most towns and are a traditional British landmark.

But there won’t be many tourists stopping to take photographs of this old red phone box in Blackpool.

A business owner on Preston Old Road, Marton, has said he is fed up of people using the phone box outside his garage as a urinal.

The once-proud feature has been targeted by yobs and now stands broken and battered.

John Baron, who runs West Coast Motors, used to help keep the phone box clean and tidy but said it is no longer worth the effort.

He said: “It is an eyesore – it’s basically a rubbish tip now.”

The phone box door has been broken off and Mr Baron said he frequently finds other people’s rubbish in there.

He added: “I used to clean it but I’ve just given up now.

“There are beer bottles chucked in the side of it.”

He said the eyesore is a source of frustration among local residents and little seems to be being done to improve it.

Mr Baron added: “The last time an engineer came down he said it wasn’t cost-effective to remove it.

“For two or three years the door has been off and now there’s graffiti on it.”

He said recently an engineer was sent to put a new handset on the phone box after it was damaged by yobs.

A spokeswoman for BT, which owns the phone box, said the company was only aware of one case of vandalism in more than a year.

She added: “A replacement door has been ordered for this particular phone box.

“The phone kiosk is still used so we would not want to remove it.

“Our records show the incident in August is the only time it has been vandalised in the past 18 months, but of course any act of vandalism is regrettable.

“We respond to any reports of vandalism as quickly as we can.”

The red telephone box has been a signature of the UK since Sir Giles Gilbert Scott first submitted the design as a competition entry in 1924.

Joan Humble, chairman of Blackpool Civic Trust, said; “There are some telephone boxes that are nationally listed and, even though most people have mobiles, there are still a lot of individuals who value having them.

“The traditional phone boxes are still an interesting feature of our streets and roads.”

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