Stingy crowd was a shocker

Scott Nuttall and Naomi McKenna
Scott Nuttall and Naomi McKenna
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A horror-themed charity fundraiser turned sour after most guests failed to dig deep for a good cause.

Scott Nuttall, 26, was left almost £200 out of pocket when his Halloween extravaganza to raise money for Trinity Hospice drew in a skinflint crowd.

People were only putting one or two pence pieces in

The party on October 27 saw around 100 people gather in Mr Nuttall’s Limerick Road garden in Bispham to enjoy a spectacular fireworks show and have their photos taken next to life-sized coffins, a guillotine and an electric chair.

But the show-stopping night time event raised only £65 – with most donations coming from Mr Nuttall’s neighbours and friends.

Mr Nuttall, who works as a chef, said: “I had been hoping to raise about £1,000, but I would have been happy with a few hundred.

“Loads of people were coming in to take photographs. All the kids enjoyed it because we had a lot of unusual sweets and chocolate from America.

“I was surprised that their parents didn’t decide to put a pound in the donation box.

“We had a donation box at the door and signs up saying everything was for charity, and we told everyone we were raising money for the hospice when they came.

“I think it was just people being tight. It was a free event, so they must have thought that since they didn’t have to pay they weren’t going to.

“People living on my street were brilliant and really made the most of it. One man donated £5, and my next door neighbour put in a £10 note.

“It’s just a shame that other people were only putting in one or two pence pieces.”

Mr Nuttall spent four days making scary models for the event, and forked out about £250 on sweets, fireworks and decorations to wow guests.

Now he finds himself struggling to make up for the loss.

He said: “I felt like I had let the hospice down.

“I’m donating a day’s pay to them to make up for the money we didn’t get on the night. Hopefully that way we can get it up to about £160.”

Mr Nuttall added that the experience had not put him off doing another charity event in the future.

He said: “I’m thinking of doing a Grinch-themed display with a sleigh and snow.”

Linzi Young, Head of Fundraising for Trinity Hospice said: “We are really grateful for Scott’s efforts and know from experience just how much hard work can go into an event like this.

“His generosity is much appreciated by everyone here, because even relatively 
small amounts of money add up to something really significant.”