Statue ‘in need of Promenade home’

Charlie Cairoli Jnr with his father's statue
Charlie Cairoli Jnr with his father's statue
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The son of Blackpool clown Charlie Cairoli has revealed his sadness over vandals who have targeted his father’s statue – and suggested a new location is needed for it.

Charlie Cairoli Jr spoke out after yobs attacked the statue of the legendary circus entertainer in Stanley Park last month.

The vandalism has been followed by a spate of mindless damage in the park, including trampolines being trashed and boats on the boating lake sunk.

Charlie said: “I’ve been talking with the park rangers about the vandalism, and they said for every 10,000 people who use Stanley Park, 40 or 50 are idiots and cause problems – you only had to see that last week when the boats were sunk. It is very sad.”

In two incidents in May, louts first attacked the statue by breaking off a bucket the figure was holding, before carving initials into it.

This was followed by the right hand of the statue being damaged later in the month.

Charlie said he wants the statue to be placed somewhere people can have pictures taken with it and believes somewhere near the Promenade in Blackpool would be ideal.

He added: “It needs to be somewhere in the town centre, maybe in the Tower even, somewhere it would be better protected.

“In an ideal world it would be on the Promenade, where people could pose with it and have pictures taken.

“The problem is it’s made of fibre glass filled with cement – it isn’t durable enough to be on the Prom. It really needs to be made of bronze but that would cost £65,000.”

In his 1940s and 1950s heyday, Charlie Cairoli regularly packed out the Tower Circus as he performed to thousands of people weekly.

Charlie added: “The biggest problem is not enough people know about him. He died in 1980 – today’s generation just do not know who he is. He was hugely popular with the working class – but it was so long ago now.

“He played in the town for close to 40 years, had an average crowd of around 3,000 people a show – but today’s generation has no idea.

“If it stays where it is, I hope people become more accepting of it and eventually this stupid behaviour will stop.”

Blackpool-based artist Brian Nicholson, who created the statue, has carried out repairs on it.

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