Billy Dearden's coaching report faxed through, came on a menu – profiteroles playing behind the front man, chicken leg on the wing


Jay Thomas: I am delighted. We have had a few things bubbling on the stove for a couple of weeks and to get what we've got, I'm delighted. He is a fantastic young lad, great physique. He just wants a chance to come out and play. He belongs to Arsenal and look what they did on Saturday. They have some fantastic lads. Jay is one of them and the good thing is that he came to Blackpool, saw where we train, the pitch and how we played against Cardiff and he believes he can help us and he'd like to be a part of it.

IUt's only for a month but in that month I hope to convince him that we can build on it and he could stay with us a lot longer.

He had other options so I ma delighted he has plumped for us. I was getting a bit worried about it. But I think you can see the progress we are trying to make a s a club and I am so rpoud of it, it is fantastic. The pitch, the stand behind the goal – it makes us look like a proper club again.

The way the lads played is more important. We played some really good stuff. We may have been fortunate to get a point at QPR but we were unfortunate not to get three points against Cardiff. We had 18 corners and never used them anything like well enough so we worked on a bit of that yesterday.

But the way we passed the ball and the way we limited them to very few opportunities I was delighted with.

But we need to to get some wins because that is what it is all about.

It will be great if we can beta Derby because then we've ahd a good start. If we lose to Derby then we haen't had a good start because we'll have dropped too many points.

Jay is coming here to try and help us win points.

You have got to be rbave to play the way we are going to play. You have to be quite open sometimes when the opposition is attacking you because you have to leave someone ready to attack the oppose side. You have the width. Then you have to be able to hit the pass. But I had Alex Baptiste hitting an unbelievable ball from right back to left wing on Saturday. Then you've got Charlie Adam playing some lovely balls.

I haven't been here 10 minutes yet and I'm already starting to really enjoy how they are playing.

It's all about confidence and from the outside if I can bring plkayers of the quality of Jay into this football club to assist the ones I've got – not to replace anybody. There was speculation that he'll be playing alongside Charlie and David Vaughan. That is unfair on Keith Southern. What a load of rubbish. Jay will be another player I can choose from and he can play four or five positions. He is an ideal loanee to have.

We impressed him enough for him to want to come here and I think that speaks volumes about what we are trying to do here.

I want Jay to have a fantastic career at Arsenal but I want to help him along the way. I can't get the players I want yet and I won't be able to until probably January so why can't I work woth young fellas like that who will lift us. He definitely will lift the level of quality I've got on the training ground. That is how you improve. It is nothing to do with the manager really. It is about the players and how they do what you want them to. WE are in the Championship, we have to play football and try and beat whoever we are against. I didn't enjoy the QPR game. I thought they looked better than us. But on Saturday we played well and I enjoyed it.

Jay will be in the squad for tonight. He has not trained with us yet so it might be too soon to start him. But he is fully fit and he's had a good pre-seaosn so he is ready to go. He has done exceptionally well in pre-season and has hit some fine form. I am thankful to Arsenal for letting him out and they are not doing silly things like some clubs do like asking for loan fees. That would have been totally munfair and would've stopped the deal. So thanks very much to them – they've just leant me one of their young kids which is delightful and absolutely fantastic.

Derby: I don't think Derby will come with a point to prove. Whatever happens in your last game doesn't matter at this level.

They brought my captain and he is sat on their bench. What does that say about us? If they brought one of my better players and they can put him sub that really annoys me to be honest. That's probably why people see us in an unfavourable light and think we won't do well. So I think we've got a point to prove, not them.

Nigel Clough is an absolute gentleman. He did the Shaun barker transfer the right way. He spoke to me first, which I like because it's normally chairman to chairman and us managers get shoved aside. Nigel did it right and massive respect for him … but not tomorrow night.

Shaun barker: You sign a contract – and don't take this the wrong way – but you are a piece of meat. You are hung there and you don't control your own destiny. But Shaun handled that in exactly the way a proper professional should do. We spoke about it up front and he told me what his wishes were. He told me it wouldn't affect anything that we do. I told him to get on with training and playing well because none of it might ever happen.

He knew what iw as thinking and what I'd said to Derby and I kept him posted on it. Not for one day did he affect the rest of the lads. Not for one day did he not train properly. I swear if I'd have played him what happened at Everton last Saturday wouldn't have happened at Blackpool. In other words Joleon lescott didn't want to play and look at the shambles you end up with.

You can't be like that. He conducted himself fantastically well and at the end of it all, when it happened and the transfer went through, I congratulated him.

I wanted the lads to celebrate with him because he is probably two or three times better off than he was before as a human being. He deserves that from the way he has played. Well done son and hopefully the rest of my lads will aspire, not to leave this club, but to climb the ladder like he has done. I hope they can climb it with us. Who's to say we won't finish higher in the table than Derby this season?

But well done to Shaun. It's a hell of a move ad it's a big thing to suddenly realise that someone has paid a million quid for you, especially when you cost 30,000 a few years before. It's a hell of a thing. I wish him all the best, but not against us.

Nardiello: He has had an operation and it went very well. He will be out probably between eight and 12 weeks. It is a groin injury, something has ceased to be attached to where it should be and they have reattached it.

I can't play him for the next couple of months at least.

DJ Campbell: I had a chat with DJ's manager which I thought was fantastic. He told me I could talk to DJ, which is really unusual, so I did. I rang him and told him what we are trying to do and what I am trying to do. I left my chairman talking to them. It started off a loan, then it moved to a permanent. Whether we can dream of sorting that I don't know, but hopefully by the end of the day we will have give it our best shot. We'll see what happens. It's not in our hands because to be honest with you his wages – unless he decides to come down to where we are – are probably going to make it a non-starter.

But I've promised people I really want to make a difference here and if I brought DJ back at leats I'm then starting with who did well last year and what we had last year, which was DJ and Charlie Adam.

If I can pop Jay Thomas on one side as well, or tuck him into the middle, plus a few of the other lads who I am taking a look at, then I might be able to replace Roy O'Donovan, who did quite well as well.

Long term I am happy with Eardley, Billy Clarke and Jason Euell as signings. Let's see who else I can work to bring in.

JASON Euell is set to get the skipper's armband for the season – but only if he takes more care getting to work…

Euell – captain: Is he captain for the season? I am just having a little look at it. He was late the other morning and my captain should never be late. He came up with a perfectly valid excuse but to me he didn't leave early enough to expect that little bit of traffic that might make you late. To me anybody who is late for something hasn't paid it enough respect to leave early enough. So I'm going to have to think about that. But I ma sure the way he plays on the pitch and the way he does things, I am having him all day long really. It is just a little gripe. But I'd rather tell the rest of the lads first, which I haven't quite gone about yet. I'd expect them all to lead by their example and all to talk. I want a captain-less team because they're all captains.

Phantom goal at Palace: My take is very simple. I would have got a message to my players saying put the ball in your net and make it 1-0 because that was a blatant goal. I can guarantee you I would have said that. We had a discussion about it at our training ground yesterday. I would have said it there and then at the tiem because it so clearly went in the net. It changed the result and it ruined it. They should play the game again. It is an absolute disgrace in my opinion. If anyone of my players had tried to play on in that situation I would have been fuming. We had a situation on Saturday where their strike pulled up with a hamstring. We were on the ball but my player David Vaughan kicked it out of play. I think that is sportsmanship. It is exactly what I wanted him to do and I applauded him. I am sorry. We play a sport and sport is what it is all about. I know it is a business as well but that is disgraceful. How Bristol City can call tnhat a 1-0 victory I just do not know. I fully sympathise with Neil Warnock and I cannot understand how they let that result stand. IF the Football league let that result stand there is something wrong with them. There is something wrong with UEFA and something wrong with football. You should have a monitor on the side of the pitch running on a five-second delay for the fourth official to watch the game with. He can talk to the referee and the referee with a mike can tell the crowd, hang on, what happened, that's a goal'. This rule should be sorted out and if I was Bristol City I'd be embarrassed. I wouldn't have dreamed to be up the table by two points that they didn't deserve. I'm a Bristolian and I'm proud of it but that is not right and it should be replayed. The game should start with them 1-0 up because they were one-up. It has a whole different complexion on the rest of the game. That is going to be on your mind. Your players are going to be all over the shop. Let's have some sportsmanship in the Championship. Let's admit that the referee was a complete doughnut.

Look at the state of Neil Warnock. His head was coming off and quite rightly so. I would have said 'stop, come off the pitch lads'. I'd have walked on the pitch and walked them off because that is wrong. I'd probably be fined for that but I'm sorry, the Football league should be fined – they've ruined our season so far. That's rubbish. Respect campaign for what?

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