Spinning around

Former policewoman Bethany Sellers, who teaches Spin and Zumba at a number of sports centres in Wyre.
Former policewoman Bethany Sellers, who teaches Spin and Zumba at a number of sports centres in Wyre.
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BETHANY Sellers takes no prisoners when she is teaching a spin class.

The jailer has turned her back on her career with G4 Security, at Blackpool police cells and is now a full-time fitness instructor and personal trainer.

As a new mum, the 28-year-old, from Fleetwood, decided she wanted a new line of work, after discovering fitness turned her life around.

She went from a size 18 to a size 10, and from smoking 40 cigarettes a day to being a non-smoker, thanks to discovering exercise and good nutrition.

And she was so enthused by the change in every aspect of her lifestyle, she decided a change of career was also in order.

She said: “After my daughter – now 14 months – was born, and I had to think about going back to work, I had to think about what I wanted to do full-time.

“I had done all the training to become a gym instructor and personal trainer, and just made the decision I would rather do that than continue being a jailer.

“It was partly to protect my daughter – as you can be recognised when you’re out and about when you work in the police cells – and also because I thought about what she would tell people I did as she grew up, and I felt her telling people I was a personal trainer would be better.

“The job also involved working 12-hour shifts, which was more difficult with a baby, whereas now I can fit work around child care.

“I am loving it. It’s such a great job.”

Beth, who lives with partner Gordon, teaches spin and zumba classes, as well as doing personal training. She knows first-hand what a difference exercise can make for people.

She said: “About five years ago, I was in a horrible state. I was overweight, didn’t do any exercise, smoked 40 a day and was binge-drinking alco-pops,.

“I was a size 18 and one day I decided I couldn’t carry on like that. I decided enough was enough. I wasn’t happy and I felt awful. I bought a women’s fitness magazine, joined a gym, and my started from there.

“I started off just using the gym, and the instructors showed me what to do.

“Then one day I wondered into the weights area, and then I started doing classes.

“Now I teach spin, which is great for burning calories, and also zumba. Zumba is brilliant because it is just like a fun night out but without the alcohol. We spend an hour dancing and burn around 600 calories.

“Everybody leaves with a smile on their face, and they don’t feel like they’ve just been having a workout.”

Despite the obvious differences, Beth feels her previous career helped her prepare for her new role. She said: “It involved meeting different people all the time and dealing with people.

“Working in the police cells, you learn to be patient and understanding, as well as how to communicate, and these are all skills I have been able to use in my new role.

“I want to share my knowledge and experience with people in the same situation I was in.”

For details of Beth’s classes visit www.podiumhealth- fitness.co.uk.