Specials on show over the weekend

Special Constabulary chief Nigel Walters
Special Constabulary chief Nigel Walters
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Blackpool’s special constables will demonstrate their role to the public during a weekend of action.

National Specials Weekend takes place today and tomorrow, and will see them policing the town during the evening, carrying out reassurance patrols and a number of specialist operations in neighbourhoods.

Nigel Walters, the chief officer of Lancashire’s Special Constabulary, said: “From April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014, our special constables worked more than 124,000 hours.

“They seized over 3,000 litres of alcohol from underage drinkers, performed over 2,000 checks on licensed premises, completed over 1,600 roadside breathalyser tests and have seized 113 vehicles for a range of offences.”