South Shore one of UK’s poorest areas

A woman begs with a child on the streets
A woman begs with a child on the streets
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BLACKPOOL was today named as one of the poorest areas in the country.

A poverty indicator survey shows South Shore is among the 10 most deprived communities in the UK.

As many as 52 per cent of children are thought to be living in poverty in the area and the predicted male life expectancy is 66 years old – the lowest in the country.

The online survey was launched by the Church Urban Fund, a Church of England charity working to tackle poverty in England.


Blackpool Council said it is tackling poverty “head on.”

Coun Fred Jackson, deputy leader at the town hall, said: “Some areas in Blackpool suffer from serious problems, which have been well documented over the years.

“We already know this and are confronting the problems head on.

“This council is focused on making sure our money and our efforts are prioritised to help improve job chances, increase young people’s opportunities and reduce child poverty, including in the more deprived areas of the borough.

“We have also received a grant of £1m from the heritage lottery fund, which we will use wisely and invest in the local community to help improve opportunities and expectations for residents in Revoe area.”

Using a combination of Government poverty indicators, including life expectancy and child poverty, the survey also demonstrated an alarming disparity between the richest and poorest neighbourhoods.

Communities in areas of Blackpool, Liverpool, and Manchester are shown to be the very poorest in England, while the 10 most affluent communities are mostly located in the south east, with some areas in Surrey and Berkshire having just one per cent of children living in poverty.

Paul Hackwood, chairman of trustees at Church Urban Fund, said: “While the poverty statistics do paint a bleak picture of these areas, what they don’t show is the strength of the community and the work so many people are doing to support those who have fallen on hard times.

“Church Urban Fund believes in supporting local people to take action within their own communities to help them break the cycle of poverty.

“We urge people to go online and find out where their community ranks in terms of poverty.

“We hope it will create a much greater awareness of poverty in England and bring people from affluent and less affluent areas together to think about what could be done to support those that are living in poverty.”