So you can teach a dog new tricks...

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A labrador has proved he has a penchant for poise and patience through his ability to balance eggs on his nose.

Five-year-old black Labrador, Ole, lives at home with his family in St Annes and can balance a variety of objects for minutes at a time.

Ole, 5, showing off his egg balancing talents

Ole, 5, showing off his egg balancing talents

His owners, Ann and David Lovell, of Laverton Road, have owned Ole – or Ollie to his family – since he was nine weeks old.

David said: “He’s everything a lab should be, including being a walking bin and great with kids.

“Although he loves food, we’ve trained him to balance treats on his nose and so he was really good at that – and of course got to eat the treats.”

Ole was rewarded for his egg balancing exploits in the Hills Ideal Balance Pet Nutrition competition with supplies of dog food.

Ann added: “He can sit there with lots of different things on his nose, sausages, eggs, anything really.

“The eggs we use are never boiled so we are confident he won’t drop it!

“If you also ask him one plus one or how old he is, he will bark the right amount of times until he sees cues to stop.”

Not only has Ole proved to have a talent for balancing eggs on his nose, he has also been rewarded for his red carpet posing.

The family entered him into the Family Pet Show and Venture Photography Pet Paparazzi competition after seeing the competition on Facebook.

Ole was one of hundreds of pets who queued for their 15 minutes of fame on the red carpet area at Event City in Manchester during October.

After gathering a staggering 480 likes on his dedicated page dressed in his tuxedo, Ole was put forward to a final set of six dogs for judges to pick as a winner.

Eventually, Family Pet Show owner Carrie Mosley picked Ole as the dog she would most like to share a red carpet moment with.

Carrie said: “All of the pets who took part in the red carpet competition were gorgeous, and it was hard going trying to pick just one, even from the six finalists.

“But in the end it came down to Ole’s sartorial elegance. A kind of canine version of George Clooney.”

The family took advantage of their studio session last Saturday and spent four hours with the Warrington based photographers taking snaps.