Slim sisters

Julie Brindley-Dudley (centre) with her sisters Nikki Stowe (left) and Emma Hunt.
Julie Brindley-Dudley (centre) with her sisters Nikki Stowe (left) and Emma Hunt.
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A BIT like Charlie’s angels these three sisters are on a mission.

A mission to fight the flab!

Between them, the Hambleton-based sisters – all mums-of-two – have shed an impressive 12st 3lbs.

Julie Brindle-Dudley, 31, was first – signing up to Weight Watchers to lose weight for her wedding, which took place in May last year.

She lost 4st 4lbs, going from a size 18 to 20, to a trim size 12.

The care assistant was so pleased with the results, she decided to sign up as a Weight Watchers leader, to help others have the same success.

Inspired by seeing her new slim-line sister, Nikki Stowe, 28 decided she wanted to shed the pounds too and she also signed up to Weight Watchers, also losing 4st 4lbs.

The secondary school textiles teacher dropped from a size 18 to a svelte size 10.

And then older sister Emma Hunt, 33, decided she had to get in the act too.

She lost 3st 9lbs, also going from a dress size 18 to a size 12.

Julie said: “I wanted to lose weight for my wedding, after seeing the dress I wanted. I bought it and knew I would have to diet into it.

“I found the programme so easy to follow as it is so flexible.

“Once I reached my goal weight, I decided to become a leader. I wanted to help other people achieve it too.

“Then my sisters saw my results and I think there was some sibling rivalry, so they decided they wanted to lose weight too.

“Now my mum Sue has just signed up and our younger sister, Megan, who is 16, is joining too. It’s a real family affair!

“I’m really pleased and proud to see how well they’ve done and how it’s boosted their confidence.

“And it has tripled our wardrobes as we can all share and swap clothes now too!”

Nikki said: “I have done diets before and when I saw the results Julie had, I think a bit of sibling rivalry kicked in and I wanted to do it too.

“It just made me more determined knowing Julie had done it.

“It’s so easy to follow, it’s flexible and we help each other.

“I feel much better, with more energy and feel more confident.”

And Emma added: “I never really had a problem with weight, but then had two babies and found it hard to get the pounds off again, I got to 15st.

“I couldn’t exercise or go to the gym like I used to, because of having two little ones and struggling for time, so I knew I would have to do something else.

“I saw how good the other two looked and felt like I couldn’t be left behind, with those two being all skinny.

“I was inspired, but I think it was motivated by a bit of jealousy too.

“I love the recipes and find it easy to be able to make the same meals for me as the kids.

“It’s about using fresh produce and natural ingredients.

“I’m really glad I signed up – and we now get lots of attention when we are all out together!”

Julie holds Weight Watchers meetings on: Mondays, 6.30pm, Lytham Methodist Church; Tuesdays, 6.30pm, Kirkham Community Centre; Thursdays, 6.30pm, Springfield Methodist Church, Bispham.