Skydive in memory of mum

Nicola Harrison-Ellis
Nicola Harrison-Ellis
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A Fylde coast daredevil is set to leap out of a plane at 11,000ft to raise money in memory of his ‘angel’ mum.

A Fylde coast daredevil is set to leap out of a plane at 11,000ft to raise money in memory of his ‘angel’ mum.

Alan Harrison and mum Denise

Alan Harrison and mum Denise

Alan Harrison, 36, from Thornton, tragically lost his mum Denise to breast cancer in August last year. Now he hopes to raise £1,000 for the dedicated staff at Trinity Hospice who cared for her during her final weeks.

Alan’s ‘Plummeting for an Angel’ fund-raiser will see him take a leap of faith in a sponsored skydive over Cockerham Sands in Lancaster on March 19.

He said: “I’m a little bit scared because I’ve got a fear of flying. When I planned it before Christmas I wasn’t too worried but now it’s getting to me a bit.

“I think my mum would think I’m being completely stupid. She’d think I was absolutely crazy. But I think she’d be very proud of the cause.

“The staff at Trinity Hospice were excellent and really understanding. Mum was only in there a few weeks but during that time I couldn’t fault them.

“I want to do whatever I can to help the hospice and Brian House.”

Alan’s sister Nicola, 33, from Fleetwood, added: “None of us had ever been in the hospice before but they were really welcoming and made us feel at home, whereas a hospital can feel quite cold.

“I thought it would be like a hospital but it wasn’t – it was very homely.

“My mum was quite a handful but they never lost their patience and they were so kind. I think if we had to take her anywhere else it would have been a lot, lot worse.”

Alan will be taking the jump alongside fellow fund-raisers Tristan Haddon, Matt Boocock, Scott Roberts and Rick Wylie.

He said: “I was overweight when I organised the skydive in the middle of last year. There was a 16 stone limit and I weighed more than 17. I’m safe to jump now but I want to get to around 14 stone – I want to be as light as I can for it!

“I’ve cut back on unhealth food and I haven’t drunk in over a month. I’ll definitely be having a drink afterwards though!”