Sinead’s dancing for joy!

Whittaker's dance student Sinead Norbury has won a place at dance school Tap Attack.
Whittaker's dance student Sinead Norbury has won a place at dance school Tap Attack.
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Schoolgirl Sinead Norbury is hoping to tap her way into one day competing in world championships.

The 12-year-old, from central Blackpool, is among just 50 – out of 500 – dancers to be picked to train with a Manchester-based dance company.

Sinead will go for training sessions once a month with Tap Attack – who have appeared on hit Sky 1 show Got To Dance, getting through to the final stages – from September and will also be given chance to perform throughout the year with Tap Attack Company.

She has been dancing at her mum Sheila’s school Whittaker’s, in Blackpool, since the tender age of two.

Tap is her favourite genre of dance and she is delighted to have been selected to take her career further.

She will have the chance to be taught by some of the leading figures in tap dancing, who have performed in shows such as Tap Dogs, Hot Shoe Shuffle, 42nd Street, Crazy For You and Anything Goes.

Sinead, who has just completed her first year Baines High School in Poulton and won the Year Seven music prize, said: “I love tap dancing – it’s my favourite out of all the dancing I do.

“When I was told I was accepted to Tap Attack, I was ecstatic.

“It is such a privilege.”

Proud mum Sheila was also delighted.

She said: “Tap Attack were excellent when they appeared on Got To Dance, which has Adam Garcia returning as a judge for the programme for this series.

“We saw him in London in Tap Dogs and met him after the show where he came out and signed autographs and had his photo taken.

“He is a fabulous dancer.

“The IDO World Tap Championships take place this year in Reisa, Germany, December 2 and 6. Sinead won’t have trained long enough to be considered for the team yet.

“But who knows? Maybe another time!”