SIMON MARX MURDER TRIAL: Jury shown CCTV footage of the moment death brawl broke out

Simon Marx, 42, who died after being caught up in a brawl outside the Newton Arms pub in Staining Road, Normoss
Simon Marx, 42, who died after being caught up in a brawl outside the Newton Arms pub in Staining Road, Normoss
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A jury was shown video footage of the moment a brawl that claimed the life of a Blackpool man broke out in a local pub.

Steven Lane, 29, of Shalgrove Field, Fulwood, and David Easter, 54, of Heron Way, Blackpool, stand accused or murdering 42-year-old Simon Marx by stamping on him following an altercation at the Newton Arms, Normoss, Blackpool, in the early hours of October 7, 2017.

He sustained serious head injuries and died of brain injury after the incident shortly after arriving at a resort in Turkey for a holiday.

At Preston Crown Court, Mr Marx’s friend Gavin Ramsey described Lane as being ‘very aggressive’ on the night of the murder, shouting and swearing at his brother Gareth Ramsey when the two of them attended the pub with friends and that Lane had behaved aggressively towards his brother just minutes before the altercation that would end Mr Marx’s life.

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He offered to buy Lane a pint and the pair chatted. But a short time later, Lane started acting aggressively towards Mr Ramsey’s brother Gareth.

There was then a brief confrontation outside between the two men but no blows were struck. However, Mr Nick Johnson, defending Lane, challenged this.

CCTV footage of the confrontation, about 20 minutes before the fatal brawl took place, showed Gareth Ramsey follow Lane out of the pub with a glass in his hand.

It was then alleged that he threw either the glass or the contents of his glass at Lane - an allegation denied by Mr Ramsey.

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Further CCTV footage, taken just minutes before the scuffle broke out at around 00.17am, appeared to show Mr Marx and Lane engaged in a heated argument while several people, including two female members of staff, tried to intervene.

Mr Ramsey added: “I heard some screaming and I saw Rick Alston on the floor, sat up holding his head. He had been cut at that point. He had been hit.

“He was holding his head and there was blood pouring.”

He said he heard David Easter saying “quick quick let’s get out”, before leaving with Lane and his son Joe. He said he did not see what had happened to Mr Marx. “Simon appeared on my left hand side. He just looked dazed and didn’t look with it at all,” he said. Mr Ramsey denied that Mr Marx ‘saw the red mist’ during the argument, and said he was ‘merry’. Proceeding