Shouting up against cuts

Blackpool Against Cuts rally in St John's Square, Blackpool
Blackpool Against Cuts rally in St John's Square, Blackpool
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ANGRY residents gathered in Blackpool to voice their anger over public sector cuts.

Lead by campaigners from Blackpool Against The Cuts, a large group were present in St John’s Square to rally against the decision to cut jobs and funding to vital services.

The Government has forced Blackpool Council to make cuts of 25 per cent locally, culminating in job losses and services closing down.

James Sorah, a spokesman for Blackpool Against The Cuts, said: “This Government does not have a mandate for the cuts for the services people really need.

“We hope to raise awareness and let people know their services are under attack and there’s an alternative to the cuts.”

Hundreds of people listened to speakers from the British Medical Association (BMA), Blackpool Against The Cuts and Trade Unions.

Valerie Hargreaves, 72, from Newcastle Avenue, Blackpool, gave up her Bank Holiday to attend.

She said: “I fear for all groups in society.

“I also fear the way Britain is being governed at the moment and think the only thing we can do is show we are prepared to stand up and be counted.”

Clarke Nuttall, 50, from Anchorsholme, added: “I don’t think it’s fair the public sector has been affected and has no jobs. The banks got us into this mess – they should get us out of it.”

University of York student Chris Maughan, 21, from Heathway Avenue, Layton, says he cannot come back to Blackpool to get a job.

He said: “I’m at a good university doing a good degree and I should be employable, but there are no jobs out there. There is no industry and Blackpool has nothing unless you take seasonal work.”

David Wrigley, from the BMA Council, said: “We need to think about patients before profits because there are private companies with their eye on the share price and only pleasing the boardroom.”