Shoppers warned of bank card scam

A 'skimming' machine, designed to capture card details and pin numbers
A 'skimming' machine, designed to capture card details and pin numbers
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BUSINESS leaders today condemned scammers who tried to steal bank card details in St Annes and Kirkham.

And police are warning bank customers to be extra vigilant after two card skimming devices were found attached to cash machines.

The sophisticated devices look like a fascia on the cash machine, record card details and even contain a mobile phone with a video recorder to film people entering their pin numbers.

One device was connected to Santander’s machine in St Annes Road East, St Annes.

It has not been revealed which bank machine the Kirkham device was attached to.

Often the offender waits near by and removes the device once the details have been obtained for a card.

PC Kirsty Bargh said: “Although the devices do look professional they are often not flush to the machine and so with a closer look they seem unusual.

“They are sometimes attached with strong sticky tape so when you enter your card the device may wobble.

“I’d ask customers to be extra careful when they are using cash machines- have a good look at it before you put your card in. If it seems suspicious, don’t use it, let the bank know and contact police.”

Elaine Silverwood of Kirkham and Wesham Business Group, fumed: “I’m appalled this has taken place. We have to be aware all the time of cash scams, forged notes and now these machines.

“Hopefully they got the machine before anyone used the machine.

“We all work hard for our money and these people think they can just take it.”

And Arnold Sumner of St Annes Chamber of Trade added: “Customers need to be very careful – look around you when using cash machines and follow the advice of the police.

“It’s terrible for this sort of thing to be happening all the time – people are always looking for ways to take your money away from you.

“Well done to the police and bank for being so vigilant.”

Police believe they were able to remove the machines before any card details were stolen.

However anyone who fears their card may have been cloned should contact police on 0845 1253545.