‘She was like a rag doll’

Rebecca Sherwin (18) and Bischon Frise Bella.
Rebecca Sherwin (18) and Bischon Frise Bella.
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Twin sisters have been left traumatised after a puppy was left bloodied with horrific wounds when it was attacked by another dog.

One-year-old Bichon Frise Bella was being walked by her owner Emma Sherwin’s 18-year-old twin stepdaughters Jessica and Rebecca when a Staffordshire Bull Terrier ran out from a house on Briarwood Drive, in Bispham, and began to maul her, its jaws clamped around her neck.

Mrs Sherwin, of Pinewood Avenue, Bispham, said: “We were on holiday at the time so the first we heard was Jessica on the phone saying Bella was bleeding to death.

“I was furious and the dog responsible should have been on a lead, but he attacked her.

“It’s appalling and the dog went with intent.

“She was pretty much savaged around her neck, it was pretty horrific.”

However Mrs Sherwin says Bella is now back home recovering, after spending much of the past week in the vets.

She said: “It’s been a bit hit and miss but I think she’s turned a corner.

“Touch wood, she seems to be more of the Bella we know and love.

“I saw her for the first time on Monday and just cried.”

The girls called 999 while the attack was happening last Thursday but the police referred the incident to Blackpool animal wardens, which is currently investigating the attack.

Their mother Elain Cawkwell, who lives on St Leonard’s Road, in Marton, said: “My daughter on the phone to me was traumatised and heartbroken crying her eyes out. This is a dog she has begged for for years.

“My other daughter has cuts and burns to her hands from trying to save Bella.

“She finds it difficult to write dues to the pain in her hands and has told me numerous times. She can’t concentrate as all she can see is Bella being mauled to death.

“The bull terrier shook and shook poor Bella like she was a rag doll - the bull terrier carried out its attack so viciously.

“Bella’s blood was pouring out of her everywhere, she was screaming and screaming in agony.

“The Staffy continued to maul her even though adults were battering it to let go.”

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