Selfless Liv is a cut above the rest

Six-year-old Olivia Wilson from Catterall is cutting her hair off to raise funds for her friend Phoebe and cousin Jack.
Six-year-old Olivia Wilson from Catterall is cutting her hair off to raise funds for her friend Phoebe and cousin Jack.
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A Garstang girl is cutting her hair off to raise money for two people very close to her heart suffering from rare genetic disorders.

Olivia Wilson, from Catterall, is braving the shave to raise money for her close friend Phoebe Roskell and her cousin Jack Humpage, two five-year-old youngsters who suffer from rare genetic disorders.

Phoebe Roskell with brother Woody.

Phoebe Roskell with brother Woody.

Olivia wanted to give Phoebe her very own hair after her friend lost her hair while fighting Dyskeratosis Congenita, a complex and incurable disorder that prematurely ages cells and organs.

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With that not being possible, she decided along with mum Kerry that the next best thing would be to have her hair cut and donated to the Little Princess Trust in Phoebe’s name.

Kerry said: “When Phoebe lost her hair before Christmas she was devastated for her and wanted to give her her own hair.

“I told her that’s not possible but donating her hair was the next best thing.

“I don’t think she sees it as a big thing. If I wanted to cut my hair I would say no chance!”

Phoebe’s mum, Jacquie Roskell, said: “I can’t believe it too be honest! I’m absolutely gob-smacked.”

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Phoebe and Olivia - or ‘big Olivia’ as Phoebe calls her as she’s a year old - were friends at Jelly Beans preschool before going to Kirkland and Catterall St Helens’ CE Primary School.

“Olivia is a year older but they stayed friends,” Jacquie said. “Kerry spoke to Olivia about it. It’s a big thing for a six-year-old girl she was adamant she wanted to do it.”

Olivia’s cousin Jack, from Lancaster, suffers from 1p36 deletion syndrome, causing moderate to severe intellectual disability and delayed growth.

Jack’s mum and dad recently held a fund-raiser to raise money for a specialist bath, costing £7,000, with enough money left over to put towards a specialist wheelchair for Jack.

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Kerry, who is Jack’s auntie, said: “Jack needed a new bath which cost £7,000 but his mum and dad smashed that target with a little money left over for a specialist wheelchair.”

The wheelchair attaches onto the back of a bike as well as working as a regular wheelchair .

“It means they can park up and detach it for a walk about after a summer bike ride,” Kerry said. “It lets them do normal things that Jack’s condition steps them from doing.”

Funds raised currently stand at more than £700, smashing the £500 target, and are set to be split equally between DC research for Phoebe and the specialist wheelchair for Jack.

You can donate to Olivia's cause at