Selfish parking puts blind folk in peril

Pavement parking is dangerous for blind people
Pavement parking is dangerous for blind people
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Fylde campaigners for the blind are backing a national drive to stop motorists parking on pavements.

Carole Holmes of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Blind Society, suffered bruising when she walked into a wing mirror on a van parked on a pavement on Stadium Avenue, South Shore, while out with her guide dog.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is currently campaigning to clear obstacles from pavements.

Carole said: “Clear pavements are essential for blind and partially-sighted people, however, parking on pavements is a regular problem which impacts on their ability to get around safely.

“People with sight loss cannot see the obstruction until it is too late, and collide with the parked vehicle.

“I recently suffered an injury to my arm after colliding with a wing mirror on a van that was parked too high on a pavement.”

Ruth Lambert, chief executive of Blackpool-based N-Vision, added: “It is not only vehicles parking on pavements that can cause problems, but items such as ‘A’ frame advertising boards, low overhanging tree branches, wheelie-bins and bicycles are all potential hazards.

“We would urge the council and the public to be aware of the difficulties and dangers such items create for our service users. By working together and giving some thought to the needs of visually impaired people we can create an environment and community in which we can all move around without harm.”