Seeing double

Twin children and staff from Baines Childrens Centre and Kapers.
Twin children and staff from Baines Childrens Centre and Kapers.
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ANYONE going to Kapers Nursery, based in Marton, could be forgiven a double take.

Because this nursery has three sets of child twins and two sets of twins among the staff.

Some of them identical!

For a special celebration, the children and staff went to Baines children’s centre to join in the launch of their multiple birth club.

Savannah Hull, deputy manager at Kapers, said: “It is rather unusual. With the identical twins, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them – especially two of the staff members, Amanda and Alison, they look so similar.

“It’s really nice to have so many sets of twins, especially was we are about to open our nursery’s twin, called Kapers Too on Whittam Avenue.

“It’s really got the children interested, it has enabled them to learn about multiple births and what it’s like for those who have a twin.

“We thought it would be nice to join in the twins club at Baines and celebrate multiple births and give the parents a chance to meet and chat – it’s very different for parents of twins or triplets than it is for parents who have one baby.”

Amanda and Alison Graham, aged 18, from Blackpool, work at Kapers and they love being twins.

The pair love spending time together and they share the same interests.

They look identical and have always liked wearing the same clothes. They find it funny when people mistake them for each other, they laugh at the same things and they even finish each other’s sentences.

Amanda said: “It’s great being twins, it’s really good fun.

“People find it really difficult to tell the difference between us, our dad often can’t tell which of us is which.

“Our mum always knows though.

“We are best friends as well as sisters, we have always been really close.”

Alison said: “We love working together, we love spending time together. We do feel a bit lost without each other if we’re not together.

“We have the same hobbies, we both like zumba and taekwondo. Our personalities are very similar.

“And we do finish each other’s sentences.”

But Samantha and Kate Bannister, who also work at Kapers and are 20 and live in Marton, prefer to be different.

Kate said: “We do like being twins, but sometimes we do wonder what it must be like to not be.

“When people first get to know us, they find it difficult to tell us apart, but once they get to know us, they realise we are quite different.”

Sam said: “We dress differently – although sometimes we will look at the same clothes in the shops and both like them, but we don’t buy the same outfits. We are very much individuals.

“When our mum named us, she deliberately chose names which sounded very different from each other and so we wouldn’t have the same initials.”

Kate said: “The children found it funny at first and said ‘why are the two Kates?’

“It’s been a good chance to teach them about multiple births and about twins.”

Mum Cathy Lush, from Mereside, has twin boys – Lee and Jack Cameron, aged four.

She said: “I found out when I was about four months pregnant I was having twins and they were born really early, at 27 weeks.

“They were both only 2lbs 10oz and it was really quite scary.

“They were in hospital for weeks. They are like chalk and cheese, Lee is the quiet one and Jack is the one who is a handful.

“It’s great to have clubs like this where you can talk to other mums and pick up tips and advice, because it’s not the same as when you have just one. You have to have eyes in the back of your head!

“When one’s tired, the other one might be wanting to play, so it can be hard work sometimes.”

New mum Joanne Fitton, from South Shore, has seven-week-twins Annabelle and Layla.

She said: “They were IVF babies, so we knew we were expecting twins and were really excited about it.

“It’s been fantastic. You do have to be organised, but it is nice to have two of them.

“It’s great to be able to get out to groups like this to talk to other mums about what’s it’s like as they get older and get tips and advice.”

And Corinna Lunn, from Marton, and husband Nick – whose twins Emily and Ben are three, said: “We found out we were expecting twins at about 13 weeks when I had a scan. We had joked the bump seemed big and it might be twins, but never really expected it to be the case.

“It was a bit of a shock, but because we didn’t have any other children, we didn’t know any different really.

“You had to be organised, with the nappies and feeds and so on. But as they’ve got older, it’s got a bit easier.

“It’s nice they have someone there all the time to play with.

“They have quite different personalities – Emily is very talkative and will chat to anybody and she’s very sociable.

“But Ben is more of a daredevil, very energetic and will try anything.

“It is nice to have groups like this where you can talk to parents who will understand the same issues with twins.”