Search carried out for woman

Shard Bridge, Hambleton
Shard Bridge, Hambleton
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A police helicopter and coastguard teams were called out after a woman was reported to be on the wrong side of the railings on the Shard Bridge (pictured) near Hambleton.

Coastguard units carried out inspections along the River Wyre after police were alerted at 3.45pm yesterday.

But after two hours of checks, emergency services were stood down from continuing the search.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “A member of the public called to say that they had spotted a woman on the wrong side of the railings on the bridge.

“The coastguard and a police helicopter were deployed to try track her down.

“After carrying out inspections along the river, coastguard teams finished conducting searches.

“Emergency services were unable to spot anyone in danger.Officers on foot were also on the scene and could not find any witnesses who had seen the woman on the bridge.”

The spokesman confirmed emergency stopped searching the area at approximately 5.30pm.