‘Scumbag’ raiders steal £10,000 of rare supplements

Owner James Tate-Pots with some of his emptied shelves.
Owner James Tate-Pots with some of his emptied shelves.
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Bodybuilding supplements worth more than £10,000 were stolen during a smash and grab raid on a Blackpool shop.

Thieves forced their way inside Boss Training and Nutrition on South King Street in the town centre before making off with their loot - which also included an iPad and Toshiba laptop police said.

Owner James Tate-Pots said some of its products were imported from America and has offered a reward for information that leads to the thieves’ capture.

The 28-year-old, who opened up in August, said: “They are scumbags. It’s a new business, we are up and running and doing well and this is a massive inconvenience.

“We have been providing a service to help people out and we are getting put in a situation like this. It’s annoying.”

The three thieves struck at some time between 4.30pm on Saturday, November 14, and 2am the following morning, a police spokesman said.

They got inside by walking down an alleyway at the back of the shop, removing a wooden board, metal bars, and another wooden board, and forcing their way inside.

The spokesman said: “They removed several items from the show window, including an iPad valued at £200, a Toshiba laptop worth £800, and numerous supplements valued at more than £10,000.”

No arrests have been made, although police officers are scouring CCTV footage taken from the shop and nearby Cash Converters for vital clues.

James added: “We came back to the shop because we were in town anyway and I opened the door and saw the back window hanging.

“We were about 20 to 30 minutes behind them. I’m furious but my girlfriend who works at the shop as well is paranoid they will be coming back.”

James said his store is the only one in the North West to stock Blackstone Labs powders and tablet supplements, which were imported from America, although they can be bought online.

The products come in an array of colourful tubs, which were shipped in from Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, Florida.

They include Brutal 4ce and Chosen 1 dietary supplements and Dust V2 pre-workout formula.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting reference WA1515742.