Scratch card Lotto winner’s latest theft

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A scratch card winner’s number was up when she was jailed for stealing flea powder.

Nicola Lord, 38, won £250,000 on a card she bought from a mini market.

She placed the camera in her bag but she was seen on CCTV and was stopped

But within two months of her win, the mum of four from Lytham Road, Blackpool, started to shoplift once again.

She went to the resort’s Pets at Home superstore and bizarrely stole 14 boxes of flea treatment worth £70.

Lord admitted the theft when she appeared before Blackpool Magistrates. She also admitted stealing Hugo Boss aftershave for her boyfriend worth £32 and a security camera from Maplins worth £100.

The court heard in September Lord was given a suspended jail term for offences committed before her win.

At her latest appearance magistrates imposed the suspended jail term and added four weeks to it – sending her behind bars for a total of 24 weeks.

Lord, who is barred from every Boots store in Britain, has now racked up 185 offences.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said Lord had targeted Maplins in Blackpool despite knowing she was barred from that outlet as well as Boots.

“She placed the camera in her bag but she was seen on CCTV and was stopped,” said the prosecutor.

“She then went to Pets at Home and was seen by staff kneeling in an aisle.

“She was confronted by staff and produced one box.

“Later, the other 13 were found.” When asked by police about the thefts she said she had a vague recollection about going into the shops but was under the influence of Valium.

Her lawyer Allan Cobain said: “My client was due in court before Christmas but did not appear and has been arrested on a warrant and appears after a night in the cells.”

“She has no illusions about going to prison.

“What she did was blatant and bizarre behaviour.

“What on earth would she need flea powder for – she has not got a pet.”

He said Lord had been in hospital for treatment to a leg problem and the painkillers given to her did not agree with her and this may have caused her re offending.

“She has had a long term with drugs and alcohol,” said the lawyer.

Magistrates heard Lord owed £1,105 in previous fines of which just £5 had been paid.

It is understood a relative of her long-term partner is looking after her National Lottery scratch card winnings.