Scouting Snapshots

45th Blackpool Cubs take part in their safety badge
45th Blackpool Cubs take part in their safety badge
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Although many of us live in Blackpool, we often take the Illuminations for granted, and don’t really note how impressive the Lights are.

So Scouts wrapped up well against the evening chill last Monday to embark on their annual Lights outing from Gynn Square to Bispham.

This was followed by the usual tasting of the traditional bag of chips half way through their walk, then it was a return trek on the opposite side of the Promenade.

Whilst the Scouts were trying to keep warm, the Cubs were already warm inside their headquarters at St. Christopher’s Parish Centre, Hawes Side Lane, taking part in their Personal Safety Activity Badge, looking at winter ice safety and inventing a new Safety Code.

“The activity badge also covers three areas which include the dangers of playing near railways, building sites, cliffs, moorlands, sands, gravel pits; knowing and understanding water, bathing, and fireworks; make up a safety code of your own, memorise your parents’ telephone numbers and address, find out about another organisation, such as Child line, and, how to ensure their safety when approached by a stranger.

The Scout Association also provides booklet information called Staying Safe.

New role for secretary Ben

Blackpool Scout Ben Wilson has been given a new role as secretary of the West Lancashire Scouts County Forum.

He said: “There was an internal vote for secretary. I was put forward with another person and I was successful. This then resulted in me being the secretory of the County Forum.

“The role includes me writing up the agenda and the minutes of the form. I could also be doing work in communication and planning events.

“I have been Scouting since I was a Beaver at 6th Blackpool, I have gained a large amount of skills from team work to map reading. I also get many opportunities to go on internationals. These trips are always very exiting.”

Passing on global skills

When our young people are chosen to attend overseas international camps such as Nepal 2018, World Jamboree 2019, and the Uganda Trip, they are encouraged to visit groups to run a meeting to explain were they are going and what they will be doing.

Then on their return they are once again invited to visit groups to pass on their experiences in order to encourage their peers to apply for future trips abroad, and gain the experience of a lifetime.

Nicola Bonsor, leader with the 51st Blackpool Scout Group, said: “Beavers, Cubs and Scouts from 51st Blackpool and Cubs from 45th Blackpool enjoyed an informative evening provided by one of the participants going to Uganda next year as part of a West Lancashire scouting trip.

“The young people learnt some phrases, made some houses and tried some typical dishes.

“Everyone had a great evening - even the leaders got to dress up!

“You can follow ‘Project Uganda’ on Facebook by searching West Lancs Scouts Uganda 2019.”

The young people visiting Uganda next year have already been fundraising with bag packing at supermarkets to support the trip.