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13th and 16th Blackpool Cubs
13th and 16th Blackpool Cubs
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Beavers are back!

That’s the message from 13th/16th Blackpool Scout Group, based at Waterloo Primary School, Blackpool, which will re-open its Beaver Colony next month.

The colony had been forced to close for a short time due to lack of youngsters attending – but it’s due to open again to children aged six to eight.

Group chairperson Mike Barnes opened the group’s recent AGM and reported how the Scouts had taken part in many district and group activities, such as camps, cooking and competitions.

In the Cub Section, they were proud to win the Annual Commissioner Flag, and also in coming second in the Pack of the Year Award. District Commissioner for Blackpool Scouts Victoria Da Silva said she was delighted that the Beaver Scout Section was to re-open at the beginning of November.

She said: “I’m sure the future Beavers will have a really exiting and fun time, learning lots of new skills and visiting lots of new places.

“Thank you to all the leaders who give up so many hours of their time to provide such an exciting , and challenging programme for their young people.”

The meeting times for 13th/16th Blackpool Scout Group are:

* Beaver Scouts aged six to eight, 6.30/7.30pm

* Cub Scouts aged eight to 10-and-a-half, 6.30/8pm

* Scouts aged 10-and-a-half to 14, 7.30/9pm

Youngsters join the gang

It was a great delight to see four young people being invested into 53rd Blackpool Scout Group in their new headquarters, based at Tarnside Commiunity Centre, Mereside.

During the meeting the Leader Hannah Threlfall was invested as a Scouter, and there was a surprise for Victoria when she was presented with an Honorary 53rd Group Necker.

District Commissioner for Blackpool Scouts Victoria Da Silva said: “What a wonderful evening.

“A big thank you to the parents and families attending, and to all the leaders for their time given throughout the year. Congratulations to the newly invested youngsters.”

Taster session for families

The 11th Blackpool Scout Group, based at St Kentigern’s Parish Centre, Newton Drive, and their leaders welcomed young local families in the area to give them just a little taste of some great Scouting activities.

Members of the Blackpool Scout District, along with Andy Marsden, the West Lancashire County Development Officer, hosted the evening last Wednesday with activities including pioneering, erecting a tent, map and compass work, knotting, making tasty biscuits, building towers and skill games.

During the meeting, Andy set up a video and made a short presentation to the parents of what Scouting can offer, the skills it can provide, and some facts about Blackpool District, the county and nationally.

The evening was a great success, with several families planning to join the following week or after half term.

A big thank you goes to all those who make Blackpool Scouting such a great success every week.

For information to join the groups and many others in Blackpool District Scouts see the website on, and also have a look at the Facebook site at Blackpool District Scouts.