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Lynn Sumner, Community Champion Tesco Extra
Lynn Sumner, Community Champion Tesco Extra
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Prize is in the bag for Scout campsite project

The wardens at Mowbreck Campsite in Kirkham were delighted to receive £1,000 from Tesco’s community project.

The wardens and deputy wardens received a visit from Lynne Sumners, community champion of Tesco Extra, based at Clifton Road.

The formal presentation of the handing over the cheque had taken place a week earlier when Irene and Phil Wheatley, Blackpool Scouters, received the cheque on behalf of Blackpool District Scout Council.

Mowbreck Campsite Project was one of three very worthy causes supported by Tesco.

During Lynne’s visit, Louise Ashworth, one of the wardens, highlighted what has taken place in the past, the present and the ongoing plans for the future of this great site.

She escorted Lynne around many of the areas including the planting of new trees, some of which have been given to Blackpool District by the Woodland Trust, and into the woodlands to look at the ongoing maintenance of the trees, dyke, chapel and general property repair

With the help of Blackpool Tesco customers, the prize money will help to develop the camping and surrounding woodlands.

Many thanks to everyone who supports our Scouting projects.