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13th and 16th Blackpool Scout Group taster session
13th and 16th Blackpool Scout Group taster session
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Taster session boosts numbers for Scout group

Children had chance to try out an evening of Scouting activities when the 13/16th Blackpool Scout Group opened its doors.

Based at Waterloo School, on the corner of Waterloo Road and Ansdell Road, the group held a taster evening to try and boost member numbers.

Young people came along and tried out games and a variety of activities, from tent pitching to mini pioneering, mask making to decorating biscuits, even rounding off the night with some campfire songs.

The Group has been working closely with Waterloo Primary Academy to promote the opportunities available for six–14-year-olds.

Barbara Hughes, county development officer, said: “It is fantastic to see so many families come along and try Scouting for the first time.

“Scouting changes lives through the fantastic programme of opportunities we offer, and we are keen to make sure young people in this area of Blackpool are able to take part.

“There are so many children who want to join and our next step is to ensure that we have enough adult volunteers to help run the activities for them. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in helping.”


Of late the numbers in the group has become a little lower than expected, so as the group meets at Waterloo School, and with the assistance of Barbara Hughes, County Development Officer for West Lancashire Scout Council who was invited to speak to the Schools assembly, and give out information to the children for their parents to read, as a reminder that Scouting takes place on their child’s doorstep, it was with great delight that over 30 youngsters, alon with their parents or guardians came along to see just what Scouting offers.

Their was an incredible amount of activities put in by the leaders of the 13/16th, and were ably supported by members of the Blackpool District Team.

To get everyone involved at the beginning the youngsters played a game with involving a Giant Parachute, then they were all invited to wander around and take part in all the other activities, which included, erecting a small “Dome Tent”, Lashings, and Pioneering with Bamboo Sticks, and, model making with Buscuits, Marshmellow, Midget gems, and cocktail sticks, their was also Mask making, along with the traditional map, compass, and knotting, in in all a great time of new adventure for all

Whilst the youngsters enjoyed their experience, threir parents or guardians were invited by Barbara Hughes to join in a meeting in one of the classrooms were the outline of the Scout Association Programme was explained, uniform, weekly contribution, group and district activities, and, how the parents can also provide practical support to the group as well.

For further information please contact Barbara at email:-

Keen chefs cook up a storm

1st Norbreck Scouts cooked up a storm in preparation for a new District Scout Section Cooking Competition which takes place at the end of February at Mowbreck Camp and Training Site in Wesham.

The Scouts got into the swing of things preparing and cooking pasta, then came the mince meat, tomatoes and onions – with the end result a delicious pasta bolognese.

Also on the menu were some juicy and delicious burgers.

Claire Hadcraft, Scout Leader, said: “We gave the kids a selection of food and they came up with menus for their teams.

“It was a brilliant night and I was really impressed with what they produced.”

Youngsters have their say

February 2018 is known nationally as #YouthShaped month, when all our young people in Scouting are given the chance to reflect on what they do, how they can achieve it, with motivation and determination.

Last Saturday, youngsters aged between eight and 10.5 attended the 1st Norbreck Scout HQ, on Carr Lane for a Sixers and Seconders Forum.

The role of the Sixer is to ensure that new members of the pack are treated with respect and have a mentor, and to guide them.

Normally each Sixer looks after six young people.

The Seconder is basically the deputy leader of that six, and takes responsibility in the absence of the Sixer, and provides support at all times to the rest of his or her Six.

At the forum the youngster were led by our brilliant young leaders from Explorer Scout Section, with back ground support from our District Team of adults. Lots of ideas were thrown around to try and find out what the Cub section wanted.

They also discussed how the youngsters could make a positive impact in their Cub meetings with the help of their leaders in areas such as programme planning, for both outdoor and indoor activities.