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51st Blackpool Scouts at Beacon Fell
51st Blackpool Scouts at Beacon Fell
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Scouts eagerly take on the county challenge

51st St Stephen on the Cliffs took part in this year’s Service Crew Challenge.

The county challenge took place at Beacon Fell on Saturday, November 11.

Amy Southern, Scout Leader for 51st St Stephen-on-the-Cliffs, said: “There were 20 bases to try out and get around as many as possible within three hours.

“Each team was given a ‘Mission Pack’ containing instructions for the day, an orienteering map of Beacon Fell with the bases marked on, a ‘Joker’ card and a fob to keep a log of the points scored.

“The Joker card can be used on a single base, the Joker doubles your points.

“Our team took part in nine out of the 20 bases, these included camp gadgets, what’s in the bag?, orienteering, mountain hypothermia, not knots.

“The Scouts really enjoyed themselves and are proud at what they achieved.

“At 1pm the bases closed and the competition had to come to an end.

“We then had to make our own way to Waddecar Campsite where we reported in and had some nice hot soup to warm us up.

“Unfortunately, we did not place but the Scouts really enjoyed themselves and were glad to have taken part.

“They left with a certificate, a badge and a big smile!”

Leaders of the future train up

In Scouting we are blessed with brilliant leaders, who thrive on the Scouting Challenge and want to pass on their knowledge to their younger peers.

The group of Young Leader Explorer Scouts have just finished an intensive course of training to help them in their roles as leaders with Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts.

The training has been spread over three Saturdays and covers many of the areas that they are being asked to help with at their section meetings.

In Blackpool we have some 50 Young Leaders aged between 14 and 18 who are working with groups right across the town.

Learning about our food

As part of the Chief Scout Silver Award, there are seven challenge badges to achieve.

Youngsters aged between eight and 10.5 cover various themes such as global, faith, personal achievement, and team work.

One of those badges can be a joint activity like the one undertaken when the 7th Blackpool Cub Pack visited the Tesco Store.

They all met at the front of store, and were guided round by Joss Clarke, a member of the Customer Services Team, whose own sons were involved in the 7th Blackpool Scout Group only a few years ago!

Tesco provide this brilliant educational service to all young people, so that they are aware of how fish, meats, vegetable, that we get from the sea, farms, that we take so much for granted , and how it lands on their plates to eat.

Each Cub had their own question and answer board, and were taken to the fish section, and were shown different types of salmon, how they were farmed, and the different colouring of their flesh.

They then moved on through the store to have a look behind the scenes in the vast warehouse.

A big thank you for the leaders who arranged the trip and to Joss.