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Blackpool Gang show 2017 at the Globe Theatre
Blackpool Gang show 2017 at the Globe Theatre
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Show director hails top performance from cast

As the curtain comes down on another successful Blackpool Gang Show, the cast and crew begin to put all the stuff away ready for next year.

Members of the cast were seen pottering around the dressing rooms asking for their new found friends to sign their programmes and even record a message.

Director of the show, Darrell Shuck, said: “I am very proud of the cast this year, they were brilliant.

“The majority of the cast have no formal training, just loads of energy and enthusiasm.”

This year we streamed a few seconds live on Face book and got a message back from a previous member of the show in Seattle “…singing along in Seattle!”

Over 1,300 people saw the show with some great support from local Scout and Guide groups as well as visits from the Blackpool Mayor and Deputy Mayor and the Scout County Commissioner.

Other Gang Shows came from far and wide including Glasgow, Bradford, Sale, Wyre and even 115 Cub Scouts from South Ribble.

There were over 85 cast members in the show, which saw the wardrobe team show off their skills in a colourful display and the production team’s vision come to fruition.

Well done to everyone !

Baking their way to victory

The winning team of the recent Bake Off competition – 24th Blackpool Beaver Colony – and the runners-up – the 37th Beaver Scout Colony – represented Blackpool District Beaver Scouts at the County Bake Off competition.

Ten colonies from the eight districts in the county took part in the competition held at The Ashton Community Science College, Preston.

This time, the 37th Beaver Scout Team claimed victory and won the competition.

The ingredients and toppings were provided by the West Lancashire County Beaver Scouts Team Leaders, and the surprise theme for the competition was ‘Hallowe’en and Fireworks’.

Congratulations to all!

Some spooktacular crafts

The 20th Blackpool Beavers Scouts enjoyed some spooktacular crafts to mark Hallowe’en.

The Beavers Scouts were encouraged to make a picture of a skeleton by cutting out a paper face and using cotton bud sticks on a black piece of A4 paper, held down by lots of glue.

They all looked pretty good!

Then to finish off the evening they all played ‘Beetle Skeleton’, but you had to roll six on the dice to start.

Everyone got so excited over rolling a six, and there were great whoops of delight – and that was just from the leaders!

* Hallowe’en also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day – a time in the liturgical year to remember the dead.