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1st Bispham Cub Pack earn their entertainments badge
1st Bispham Cub Pack earn their entertainments badge
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Youngsters take centre stage to showcase skills

What a talented group of Cub Scouts they are at the 1st Bispham Cub Pack.

The youngsters came together to show off their individual skills of virtuoso at their headquarters on Bispham Road.

There was a range of talents on display from playing instruments to acting.

Cubs can choose two activities from a possible eight tasks.

Sophia Hornby, akela, said: “The Cubs were simply asked to perform a little number of their choosing, this could include telling jokes, singing, playing an instrument, or acting.

“All the Cubs supported each other during the evening as part of their promise of helping others.

“It was so great to see so much talent we had in the pack that we didn’t know about, so that’s another badge for a family member to sign, or perhaps the Cubs themselves!”

* More entertainment is on its way from Blackpool Scouts when they take part in the 56th Blackpool Gang Show.

The show runs from Wednesday, October 18 (shows at 7.30pm) until Saturday, October 21 (shows at 2pm and 7pm) at the Globe Theatre, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

For tickets phone 0871 222 9090.

Faith in getting next badge

Cubs from the 3rd Blackpool Scout Group have spent time getting to know their church at St Marks over the past few weeks.

Lorraine Crossen said: “We have been working on our Faith badge recently.

“We were very kindly shown round St Mark’s church by Reverend Peter Lillicrap. Peter gave us a brief history of the beautiful church and showed us the different areas of the church.

“Then Reverend Hannah Boyd spent an evening with us talking about the Christian faith and helping us to write prayers.

“The Beavers read their prayers out in church and received their Faith badge as a part of the Harvest service.”

Fashionable Cubs go green

The Cub Scouts of the 44th Blackpool Scout Group, learnt why we have a green, grey and blue bins, plus the brown bag outside they homes, to put in the various discarded bottles, toilets rolls, cereal boxes, and papers.

Through the Enviromental Conservation badge, youngsters can earn their badge by learning how to recycle rubbish, and to find out where non-recyclable items can be sent.

They all learnt about reduction in emissions, about saving on water and electricity, renewable energy, and perhaps the disadvantages of technology.

They were given the chance to take part in two activities out of a possible seven, for example planting a tree or shrub, looking after a piece of garden, creating a bird feeder or clearing a pond.

The Cub Scouts were taken to a waste disposal tip in Blackpool and explained to them the different containers used, they also collected household rubbish and again with their leaders decided which was recyclable and which was not.

They also created their own trash designer wear.

The evening was great success with the Cubs having fun as well as learning to care for their environment.