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Young leaders have the faith to take control of their groups

As part of the National Intiative – #Youth Shape – we are asking our young leaders to shadow one of the leaders in their group or take over the running of the group.

It means the young leader, aged 14 and over, plans and organises the entire evening .

Many groups in Blackpool District – and all over the county and nationally – are blessed with such dedicated young people who wish to make an impact and contribution to their meetings and to show particularly Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of what they can achieve when they get that little bit older.

It is also an opportunity to allow the young leaders to help get across the message that our young people want to say.

Jordon Shuck, deputy youth commissioner for Blackpool District Scouts and speaking on behalf of his fellow deputies, said: “We are currently organising a programme for the many of the groups in Blackpool, where we can encourage the young people to have a voice within their Scouting experience.”

One example of how #YouthShape works is young leaders at the 7th Blackpool Cub pack, based at Baines Church of England School, Penrose Avenue, took an active part in a visit to the Jewish Reform Synagogue, on Leamington Road.

The Cubs listened, were shown and actively took part in how the members of the Jewish faith worship, which is all part of their “Global and Faith Challenge Badge.

The youngsters were shown by a young leader about what happens at a service, what type of robes people would wear, where the mena and women sit and what type of things the Jewish community celebrate throughout the year.

These youngsters are all heart

There were sticky fingers all around last Friday night when Beavers from 37th Blackpool Scout Group created they own toppings on special Valentine’s biscuits and fairy cakes.

The evening involved a lot of tasting before the Beavers were able to take their creations home.

Other activities included playing a game called Mother Beaver, where a leader told a story with actions to it.

In the other room the Cub Section took part in a traditional evening of learning knotting.

The Group is based at St Paul’s Church,Egerton Road, North Shore. They meet on a Friday with Beavers and Cubs s at 6.15pm - 7.45pm and Scouts at.7.45pm - 9.45 pm.

Here’s to a fun packed evening

Bugs bingo and dodge ball were the theme of the evening for Beavers of 8/36th Blackpool Scout Group.

The Beavers played bingo using bugs on the paper instead of numbers, followed by dodge ball.

They also said goodbye to one of their members who was ‘Swimming Up’ to Cubs.

This traditional process involves a Beaver saying goodbye to their friends and then they swim under the Lodge – a blue sheet representing water –and put on a jumper before coming out as Cub.

Also in the evening the Cubs proudly lined up to show off the Union Flag and Standard .

The 8/36th Blackpool Scout Group, are based at Marton Methodist Church Hall, Midgeland Road.

The Beaver Scouts start at 5.45pm - 7pm, and Cubs from 7pm - 8.30pm.