Schools urged to back strikes

National Union of Teachers representatives Ros Homer.
National Union of Teachers representatives Ros Homer.
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TEACHING unions have called on schools across the Fylde coast to back their plans for strike action to pressure the Government into improving pay and pensions.

Strike action will take place across the North West on June 27 over plans to scrap a national pay structure.

Ros Homer, of Blackpool’s National Union of Teachers, said: “We hope all schools will take part and we want everyone to come out and support us to let people know how we feel about pensions and pay.

“I desperately hope our members come out in numbers.

“Parents know that after all we’ve been through this is a last resort for us.

“We have tried different things and we’ve shown parents after school clubs to highlight what teachers are doing after work and I hope they understand.”

Mrs Homer claims the Government need to change their proposals and act immediately to stop young teachers leaving the profession.

She added: “We are losing a lot of young teachers and 50 per cent leave after five years because of all the initiatives which come from Government.”

Steve Nolan, secretary of the Fylde NUT, said: “The North West strike is on June 27 so we have given (education secretary) Michael Gove a long time to think about it and come and talk to us.”

Sam Ud-din, spokesman for the National Union of Teachers in Lancashire, said: “At the moment we are looking at damage to pension rates, pay progression and work load issues, all of which would put the way teachers come into the profession and sustain it much more at risk. The only affect that all of this will have is to damage the education of children.

“One of the things we are doing during the first action is waiting until all the secondary school exams are over, so it should help the concerns parents have about the progress of their children.”

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