School parking issues tackled

PSCO Vicky Gibson
PSCO Vicky Gibson
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Police across the Fylde coast have launched a new campaign to tackle inconsiderate drivers blocking primary school entrances.

The new ‘Operation Wheels’, which was launched at the beginning of November, aims to prevent drivers parking close to school gates and blocking the safe paths children use to access lollipop crossings, by arranging surprise patrols outside busy schools.

Sgt Rob Conolly-Perch, of Fylde Police, helped organise the campaign along with PCSO Vicky Gibson.

He said: “We started the campaign after we received complaints from parents and schools about cars parking on the zig-zag lines.

“Police remove drivers who park too close to the school. Parking on the lines is illegal and a danger to children.

“We will be going back to schools we have visited to see if people are breaking the law, and if they are they will be charged.”

“We have also organised road safety talks at primary schools and educated children about the green cross code and how important it is to be safe while on and near roads.

PCSO Gibson added: “The response from people has been positive.”

The ongoing campaign is set to cover more than 30 schools across the Fylde coast and will last as long as it takes for schools to see a long-lasting decline in the number of drivers parking outside their gates, police said.