School head seeks an extra £300,000

Anchorsholme Primary School have been given �2m to make urgent building repairs but are in need of a further �300,000 to complete the work
Anchorsholme Primary School have been given �2m to make urgent building repairs but are in need of a further �300,000 to complete the work
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SCHOOL pupils have launched an appeal to raise £300,000 to put the finishing touches on a £2m refurbishment.

Bosses at Anchorsholme Primary School announced last week they have been given the multi-million pound cash boost by Blackpool Council to fix a catalogue of problems, including a leaking roof, unreliable heating and damp.

The school was scheduled for a £9m rebuild as part of the Government’s Primary Capital Funding Programme, but the financial crisis saw the project shelved.

And as the final instalment of cash from the doomed scheme is released to local authorities, Anchorsholme is set to benefit massively.

Now headteacher Graeme Dow has set his sights on raising a further £300,000 for a final polish of the revamped school.

He said: “We’re extremely grateful to have been given this money.

“It will be wonderful for sorting some of the problems with the fabric of the building.

“We are very conscious however of not wanting to do half a job and internal redevelopment is also very badly needed.

“At the moment our school hall is too small for us all to gather there together and classes have to travel through it to get to other parts of the school.

“There are changes we would desperately need to make but more money is needed to make this viable.

“We have managed to save £300,000 ourselves to help with this but we’re still £300,000 short.

“We are really hopeful we might be able to raise this as a school community so we can get Anchorsholme into a really good condition for the future.”

In recent years, the building was extended so it could accommodate 630 children instead of 420, but the extra capacity was not added to the school hall.

Mr Dow is now launching a major fundraising campaign to help his school’s plight.

There has already been discussions on staff charity bike rides and he hopes to bring in support from local businesses and organisations.

He hopes the community, former pupils and parents will also rally round to help raise the final amount.

He said: “There is a saying ‘don’t spoil the ship for a ha’peth of tar’ and this extra £300,000 will make a huge difference to the school.

“This is a unique opportunity for us because we will not be considered for schemes in the future so it’s vital we do all we can to make it right now.”

Six local high schools had their refurbishment dreams shattered earlier this year when the Government’s Building Schools for the Future scheme was also abandoned.

Although St Mary’s Catholic College got the cash for a huge redevelopment and Highfield is in the process of being totally rebuilt, the six other Blackpool schools missed out.