Schemes never made it off the drawing board

Kimberley Hotel, South Promenade, Blackpool.
Kimberley Hotel, South Promenade, Blackpool.
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Residents have hit out at fresh plans to replace three ageing hotels with a seven-storey apartment block.

The owners of the Walfdorf, Kimberley and Henderson Hotels on Bourne Crescent, New South Promenade, are seeking planning permission from Blackpool Council to build 139 apartments on the site.

Four years ago the council turned down a bid to build 160 apartments there because they did not want to lose hotel rooms.

But planning permission has been granted in the past for an 11-storey hotel and mixed use schemes on the rest of the crescent.

People living on Clifton Drive, whose homes back onto the site, fear light will be blocked out and there will be a loss of privacy if the proposals go ahead.

Around 35 people held a meeting at The Solaris to raise their concerns.

Pat Greenberg, who chaired the meeting, said: “Something does need to be done in that area because we can’t go on with having all these hotels boarded up.

“We are happy for any development to be residential but seven storeys is too high.

“There will be seven floors of balconies overlooking our homes and our light would be blocked out. There has to be some sort of compromise.”

Kathleen Buckley said: “We don’t want to see anything that is higher than four storeys which is what is there at the moment.”

Margaret Harrison said: “If they left it at four or five storeys, like it is as the moment, I don’t think anyone would have a problem but at the moment we are very concerned about the fact our homes will be overlooked by a seven-storey building.”

But the developers say the building has been designed to take into account the proximity of the homes behind.

A design and access statement accompanying the application says it “will give a far more attractive vista to the rear of the domestic dwellings on Clifton Drive” in contrast to “the appalling view they have at present offered by the backs of the existing hotels.”

It adds the building has been designed so it does “not dominate” or “harm its neighbours” while due to the tapering of the building it is not anticipated it will cause “significant loss of light to the windows to the rear of these dwelling”.