Savage attack on family pet

Alison Priestley and her dog Trudy who was attacked by another dog
Alison Priestley and her dog Trudy who was attacked by another dog
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A BELOVED family pet was left bitten and bloodied and its owner shaken after a savage attack on a Blackpool street.

English Springer Spaniel Trudy was set upon by a Bull Mastiff as owner Alison Priestley walked her along Highfield Road, South Shore, on Saturday evening.

She said the dog may have attacked children had it not turned on her pet and has called for action over the lack of protection offered to dog owners.

Mrs Priestley, who lives on Highfield Road, said: “I was told by the police I had to ring the dog warden. But in Blackpool they don’t work weekends and it took until Tuesday to get a response. I was very upset.

“The mastiff’s owners have obviously got a very big, dangerous dog which bites and isn’t being supervised properly.

“Had the attack gone on for a few more seconds, my dog might not have survived.

“I want the dog’s owners prosecuted, I feel that strongly about it.

“It seems to me if it’s a human attacked it’s taken seriously, but there should be action which can be taken against a dog which is willing to attack another dog completely unprovoked.”

Trudy was left covered in blood following the attack, which happened at around 4.30pm, and had to spend the night in the vets.

Her face wounds were stapled and Mrs Priestley will have to return with her to the vet’s for check-ups.

But she fears it could have been much worse had her pet not been there.

Mrs Priestley added: “There were two young girls in front of me and it launched itself towards them and then saw my dog and just went for her face.

“If my dog hadn’t been there those two girls would have got it.

“I’ve now got an extremely nervous dog and perhaps her character has changed.”

Blackpool Council confirmed they currently only provide dog wardens during the week, but said they do review the situation annually and would consider changing it if it was deemed necessary for the public’s protection.

Russ Weaver, assistant director for neighbourhood services at the council, added: “We strongly advise people that if they encounter a dangerous or violent dog they should report it to the police immediately.

“In our experience, these types of dangerous dog attacks are rare in Blackpool and our dog warden service is capable of handling many scenarios to keep both the people and the dogs involved safe.”