Safety fears over ‘hell hole’ home

Ward councillors David Walmsley (left) and John Hodgkinson, with the house in the background
Ward councillors David Walmsley (left) and John Hodgkinson, with the house in the background
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A HOUSE owned by a paedophile pensioner jailed six years ago has been described as a ‘hell hole’.

Residents living near the derelict property on Coronation Road, Cleveleys, have described it as an ‘eyesore’ and a ‘health hazard’.

The building was lived in by a 70-year-old man who was found guilty of raping an 11-year-old girl in 2005.

But over the last six years the property has been targeted by vandals, become a haven for squatters and fallen into disrepair.

Janette Dawber, owner of nearby Highcliffe Holiday Apartments said visitors were horrified by the ‘disgusting’ property.

She said: “The windows have been smashed, there must be hundreds of pigeons in there and people use the garden as a dumping ground.

“We own holiday flats backing onto the house and I’m embarrassed when guests complain about it. I reassure them the council are doing something but it never gets done.”

Kevin Harris, who lives behind the building, said he is concerned about safety.

He said: “The other day I saw an elderly woman walking past the house and a slate dropped right next to her.

“It literally missed her by yards, it could have killed her – it’s a health hazard.

“I own holiday flats near the house and I have lost business because of it.”

Andrew Hobson, who also owns property near the site, says he has spent years complaining about the state of the house.

He added: “The council say something will be done soon and we would be ‘delighted’ if that was the case.”

Jubilee ward councillor David Walmsley echoed their sentiments.

He said: “This property has been an eyesore for a considerable period of time.

“It has now deteriorated to such a level that it poses a danger to the general public.

“My advice to people at the moment would be not to go anywhere near the property until the roof, which has lost at least a dozen slates, is made safe.”

A Wyre council spokesman said: “This is a private empty property in a serious state of disrepair.

“The council has previously undertaken works to secure the building but the most appropriate course of action now is an Enforced Sales Procedure.

“This is currently under discussion and will be accelerated if necessary.”