Rusty machines are an '˜eyesore' on Blackpool Promenade

Heritage guardians are calling for rusting cash machines to be cleaned up because they are creating a bad impression on Blackpool's famous Promenade.

Tuesday, 4th July 2017, 12:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:45 am
A rusty cash machine near Foxhall Square, Blackpool
A rusty cash machine near Foxhall Square, Blackpool

Photographs show a number of the machines on the seafront have suffered from wear and tear over the years.

Now Blackpool Civic Trust is highlighting the issue in a bid to force operator Cashzone to take action.

John Garnham, who is a member of the civic trust, said: “These are eyesores in high profile spots.

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A rusty cash machine at Manchester Square, Blackpool

“One wonders is there a licence condition about maintenance and if not why not?

“With regard to the Promenade ones, special arrangements for maintenace or manufacture should have been made to deal with the effects of corrosive salt air.”

Mr Garnham said machines near Foxhall Square, Manchester Square, Chapel Street, on the Golden Mile and on Devonshire Road were among ones which had rusted.

Joan Humble, chairman of Blackpool Civic Trust, said: “We encourage people to have pride in where they live, and with Blackpool it’s not just the locals who should have pride in their area, but our visitors too.

A rusty cash machine at Manchester Square, Blackpool

“When we see things that undermine that, we try to do what we can to remedy the situation.

“One of our members John Garnham has identified some of the cash machines that have rusted.

“They should be kept in good condition, both for our residents and for our visitors.

“When so much money has been invested over the years in our Promenade, with the new sea defences, the Comedy Carpet and the trams, we also need private sector companies to do their bit.

“Let’s all work together to make Blackpool somewhere we can all be proud of.”

The machines are operated by Cashzone, based in Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

It operates ATMs in towns and cities across the UK.

A spokesperson for the company said they would be inspecting the Blackpool machines.

The spokesperson said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“At Cashzone, we are constantly working to provide the best service possible and we’ll make sure to visit these sites to see how they can be improved.”

Blackpool Civic Trust has highlighted a number of issues in recent times in relation to unsightly developments on the Promenade.

Last year members raised concerns about the condition of the Grade II listed former Clifton Hotel in Talbot Square, which now operates as Ibis Styles, after cracks appeared in the front of the building.

Volunteers have also painted the Victorian shelters on the Promenade to improve their appearance.

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