Rubbish piles big nuisance to trade

Chris Smith from Highfields Kitchens with one of the rubbish piles in the alleyway behind Harrowside in South Shore. December 2012.
Chris Smith from Highfields Kitchens with one of the rubbish piles in the alleyway behind Harrowside in South Shore. December 2012.
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BUSINESS owners have slammed fly-tippers who dumped rubbish outside their stores.

Within a month, two incidents of fly tipping have restricted access to an alleyway behind the shops on Harrowside, South Shore, making it nearly impossible for them to get their deliveries.

The first time asbestos was dumped, it needed to be removed by council workers in specialist protective clothing.

And on Saturday, old bathroom furniture was dumped at both ends of the alleyway, blocking access.

Richard Erskine, who owns Silverfish Supplies on Harrowside, said he had to clear some of the rubbish to make way for his delivery.

He added: “If we hadn’t swept the rubbish up, we wouldn’t have been able to get our stock in. With us selling fresh produce we need to get the stuff in as quickly as possible.

“It’s just a nuisance.”

Susanne Miller, owner of Harrowside Fish and Chip shop, heard the refuse being dumped at around 5.30pm on Saturday.

She said: “It wasn’t even the middle of the night, there were people still around at 5.30pm. But it was dark, and anyone walking down the alleyway wouldn’t have been able to see the pile there.

“There are at least six businesses affected by this fly tipping, not being able to access the back of their shops in vans.”

Chris Smith, who owns Highfields Kitchens, blames the lack of local tips for the increase in fly tipping.

He said: “The council shut down local tips, and restrict when you can go down there. It costs money to have rubbish taken away, so more and more people are fly tipping.”

Mr Smith has bought a CCTV system to try to catch vehicles dumping rubbish in the alleyway.

Marcus Eastwood, of Artisan Tiles said there was a need for more tips in Blackpool.

He added: “This fly tipping has impeded local business.”

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for streets and transport, said the incident was shameful.

He added: “The person responsible for this incident of fly tipping has shown a sickening disregard to the local community on Harrowside.

“There is no excuse for fly tipping and we will use all methods at our disposal to catch the perpetrators.

“The amount of waste was so large it took a number of trips with a Streetscene wagon to remove some of it and we are coming back on Tuesday morning to clear the rest.

“It is our priority to make sure all of our communities are kept clean and safe, and as a result there are around 2,500 gated alleys in Blackpool. If the residents of Harrowside feel this could be of use to them, then they should contact their ward councillor, and we will look into the possibility of installing them.”