Row over mess on Promenade

Landaus on the Golden Mile.
Landaus on the Golden Mile.
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FURY has broken out over swathes of horse muck smeared across Blackpool’s world famous Golden Mile.

And there are calls for the council to take action before it puts people off coming to the resort.

Landaus on the Golden Mile.

Landaus on the Golden Mile.

Taxi drivers, tourists and a councillor have decided it is time to kick up a stink, claiming there is more manure 
being left by landaus than ever before.

All 44 of the town’s horse-drawn carriages are fitted with a ‘nappy’, designed to stop the manure landing on the pavement and messing the place up.

But according to Tony Lee, councillor in Waterloo ward, the dung-catching devices aren’t doing the trick.

Coun Lee said: “It is as bad now as it’s ever been and it just looks utterly horrible. I honestly think it is out of control.

“When a town is trying to attract more visitors this kind of thing really drags it down.

“It looks horrible, it smells horrible and it might be fine in the countryside but you don’t want that on your main thoroughfare.”

Several taxi drivers, annoyed at the amount of muck on the roads, have contacted The Gazette to express their disgust.

One driver, who did not wish to be named, said: “I use the Prom every weekend and I’ve never seen it as bad as it was the other day.

“What message does it send out? If someone doesn’t take action to sort it out then it will put people off coming to the town.”

Ernie Wolsey, in the resort with his grandchildren on a day-trip from Wigan, said he had noticed the manure on the roads.

He said: “It isn’t ideal but I suppose that’s what happens when you have horses on the roads. It isn’t exactly pleasing on the eye.”

Becky Dalton, 16, in Blackpool with pal Rhiannon Henshaw, said: “We’ve only come for the day from Congleton but we’ve seen quite a bit of horse muck. It doesn’t seem very hygienic.”

Alison Metcalfe, from the Landau Owners Association, insisted she had not been made aware of any problems but has promised to act if a complaint is made.

She said: “We have a very good working relationship with the council and when a problem is flagged up we have a meeting and we address it.

“The devices to catch the muck works very well.”

Blackpool Council has written to landau owners reminding them of their responsibilities.

Coun Fred Jackson, portfolio holder for streets and transport, said: “We work hard to ensure our streets are a pleasant and clean place for our residents and visitors alike, and this includes looking after our Promenade by cleaning it daily, all year-round.

“The council has reminded landau owners that they are obliged to fit their horse with a special device to collect any droppings and also encourage them to use the designated bins.”

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