Row led to wife’s stairs plunge

Blackpool Magistrates Court. / VIEW
Blackpool Magistrates Court. / VIEW
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A MAN pushed his wife down the stairs after a row about his mistress.

Blackpool magistrates heard how she injured her ankle in the fall.

An ambulance was called to Selby Avenue where husband Andrew Grime told her to say she had tripped over the dog.

Grime, 52, admitted assaulting his wife and magistrates ordered pre-sentence reports on Grime with all options, including prison, to be considered.

Alison Quanborough, prosecuting, said Grime who lived with his wife and two daughters had become involved with a mistress.

A row started between Grime and his wife as they returned from a shopping trip and Grime took a call from his mistress on his mobile phone.

Grime told his wife: “Have you looked in the mirror lately – you showed me up while we were in town.”

His wife contacted the police after the fall and when interviewed he said he had pushed his wife but his actions had not been reckless.

Magistrates were told that Grime had been anxious to try and make sure the row did not spill over on to the street.