Roman Catholics show support at Preston New Road fracking site

Roman Catholics protest at the Preston New Road fracking site
Roman Catholics protest at the Preston New Road fracking site

Around 50 Roman Catholics staged a procession and service at the Preston New Road fracking site to show their support for the ongoing protest there.

The group, including two priests, was at the gas drilling site to call for fossil fuels to be left in the ground to prevent further global warming and the potentially devastating effects on the planet this could have.

Pope Francis has written on the subject in his Laudato Si papal circular letter and has called on all people of the world to take ‘swift and unified global action’.

The Catholic campaigners said they were following his example. Fr Hugh Pollock from Kendal and a member of the Lancaster Diocesan Faith and Justice Commision, said: “Today is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi and it is fitting that we should be doing this to protect the Earth and Creation.

“Pope Francis has called us to heed the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor and where the Earth is damaged in any way he calls us to protect and to heal where possible.

“We do not accept that any more extraction of fossil fuels is necessary and we have to change our ways of life to live in a more sustainable way in harmony with creation rather than further damaging it.”

One of the organisers of the event from the Catholic Climate Movement, Bob Turner a parishioner from St Alban’s in Blackburn said: “People are already suffering the effects of global warming because of the way we have misused the resources on the planet.

“Pope Francis in Laudato Si has told how bad things are. People want everything to be all right and to carry on as we are, but we cannot, we have to stop further fossil fuel extraction and at this site here we must keep the gas in the ground.”

Dorothy Kelk, of New Longton, said: “This is a peaceful prayer gathering, organised as the culmination of the Season of Creation , a month of prayer for our world and in response to the need for all nations to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.”