Rocker pens musical tribute to iconic North Pier

North Pier on Blackpool Prom
North Pier on Blackpool Prom
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A hard rocker has got in touch with his sensitive side to pen a passionate love ballad about Blackpool’s North Pier.

Steve Turton, 48, is used to tearing up the stage as a drummer in 1980s heavy metal band, Bitches Sin.

Now says he wants to use his musical talents to help boost public interest in Blackpool’s North Pier.

Steve, who works day-to-day as a postal worker in Barrow-in-Furness, wrote his song ‘The Sunset Lounge’ in honour of the 150-year-old pier on Blackpool Promenade, where he spent a romantic evening with his wife Lynn just a few weeks before it was devastated by storms in December 2013.

Steve said: “We have visited Blackpool every year since we were kids. It’s a very unique place. I don’t think there is anywhere like Blackpool.

“Its one of the classic seaside towns and it has its own special feel to it.

Steve Turton and his wife Lynn

Steve Turton and his wife Lynn

“The North Pier is special to me and my wife. In the summer of 2013 we went across to the Sunset Lounge at around 8pm. We were the only ones in the lounge and we watched the sun going down over the sea.

“That’s what I wanted to capture in the song - the way the light was coming down.”

Steve added that he hoped his song, which describes a ‘night to remember down by the ocean’ with a ‘perfect horizon shining on the old pier’, would help boost public interest in repair work that still needs to be carried out on the North Pier.

He said: “It was a real shame when we heard about the storm devastating the pier.

“They have done a great job fixing it back up but there’s still a long way to go.

“The North Pier is the oldest out of the three piers.

“I feel like something important has been lost.

“I don’t know for definite if the song will help raise awareness about the pier, but I hope it can encourage people to show more interest in getting it back to its original state.

“Even if we can’t get the pier back to how it used to be at least the music might remind people of it.”

Peter Sedgewick, owner of the North Pier, said: “It’s fantastic to think that someone has taken the time to write a song for the pier.

“Any publicity is very much appreciated.”

n You can listen to ‘The Sunset Lounge’, sung by the lead vocalist of Steve’s heavy metal band, David Mills, on the Gazette website, or by visiting