Rise in bonfire calls to fire brigade

Fireworks light up the Fylde sky
Fireworks light up the Fylde sky
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LANCASHIRE firefighters were kept busy throughout Bonfire Night as calls rose by 50 per cent on last year.

Crews attended 122 out of control bonfires, compared to 81 last year, and there were an additional 111 calls reporting ‘secondary’ fires, mostly deliberate, involving rubbish, trees, and fences.

The number of incidents in which fireworks started fires was less than last year at 20, compared to 36 in 2010.

Incidents on the Fylde coast included a call to flames at a derelict house on Old House Lane, Marton, at 9.45pm on Saturday which may have been caused by a stray firework.

Crews put out an unattended bonfire on the playing field at Mereside at 6.30pm while there was a small blaze at the Fylde Farm site in Poulton, at about 5.30pm. South Shore firefighters were called out to eight out-of-control bonfires. Fleetwood fire brigade were called after rubbish was set alight on an external staircase of a property on Poulton Road in the town at 8pm.

Martyn Ball, crew manager at Blackpool Fire Station, said: “We had to extinguish a few bonfires which were deemed to be unsafe but the majority of people heeded the warnings to stay safe.

“As far as I’m aware there were no fireworks incidents in the Blackpool area.”