Ride with five Cinderellas... and a princess

Francesca and Susie Bebbington with their gold Cinderella carriage.
Francesca and Susie Bebbington with their gold Cinderella carriage.
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A sparkling gold Cinderella carriage and a pink princess-style coach will be plying for trade on Blackpool Promenade this summer.

They are the latest landaus to be licensed by Blackpool Council as a departure from the traditional horse-drawn vehicles which make up the resort’s 44-strong fleet.

It means there are now five Cinderella carriages in 

There was controversy when the first two made their debut in 2009, amid fears the novelty carriages were out of character with the traditional landaus.

But their popularity with the public has prompted more owners to invest in them.

Susie Bebbington, of 
Marton-based Bebbington Carriages, who was granted a licence for the Cinderella carriage, said she had spent £2,000 spraying the vehicle gold after buying it in London.

She said: “I have had a 
carriage badge in Blackpool for 38 years, but people are asking for something different now and that’s why I decided to get this one.

“It has taken me five weeks to get the right sparkle for this one.”

Ella and Colin Sinderson, whose business is based off Waterloo Road in South Shore, have created a pink landau with a higher roof.

Colin told councillors on Blackpool’s public protection sub-committee: “My uncle has had traditional carriages for 30 years, so we like tradition.

“But you have to change with the times. We have made the outside hood bigger and taller.

“With the traditional landaus, when it rains you have to pull the hood up, but with this one people can still see outside.

“It will also be good for during the Illuminations.”

Coun Adrian Hutton, chairman of the public protection sub-committee, said: “We felt these carriages were in line with our policy and 
appropriate for the seafront.”