"Revolution should help pay for the clear-up and extra policing": Will you welcome back the Young Farmers to Blackpool?

Young Farmers in Blackpool
Young Farmers in Blackpool
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A rebel group of Young Farmers who are planning to organise a renegade meet-up in Blackpool after their annual bash was axed sparked your responses.

After the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs (NFYFC) revealed the AGM was being scrapped altogether, one group said they will come back to Blackpool regardless.

The decision to pull the bash after 50 years is thought to be linked to trouble flaring at this year’s convention in June, when a number of complaints were made over drunken behaviour by a minority of visitors.

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And they won support from Revolution bar in Blackpool, which posted on Facebook: “Hello Young Farmers!

We would be more than happy to have you all back next year

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“You guys sure know how to party and we will rock #YFW2019.”

Here are your views

Will Revolution pay for the policing, damage, clean up, and possible hospital costs as well?

While most of the YF groups are good and friendly the convention makes town a no-go area for three days and it’s not the first time it’s happened

Adam Potts

Revolution bar is just thinking about the money and not thinking about the actual people that live in Blackpool

Scott Johnston

All they care about is their profits not the reputation or safety of the locals or anyone.

The farmers should be ashamed of themselves and others who cannot control their selfish selves, there is having fun and being a moron.

Rose Millies Mum

Thousands of young farmers attended and only a small number were idiots. Like in most groups that come here.

Why should thousands be denied for those idiots.

Maybe before they come they need to sort their own out and will be welcomed back.

Just a thought!

Janet Trehane

There were over 90 arrests of young farmers, and they were only the ones who were caught.

There were many causing trouble that either didn’t get reported to authorities, or had done a runner before the police arrived.

John Whitehouse

Was Revolution Bar the one that reported £200,000 takings over that weekend?

David Clark

Revolution should help pay for the clear-up and extra policing

Sharon Doherty

No one can stop farmers coming on holiday to Blackpool for the weekend

Joe Hampsey

This invitation is purely based on ugly greed by Revolution.

Blackpool unfortunately has enough problems without the likes of these people adding to it.

Tracy Smart