Revealed: The number of Lancashire’s ‘upskirting’ victims

Upskirting has been made illegal
Upskirting has been made illegal
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There were six incidents of ‘upskirting’ in Lancashire last year, police have revealed.

They include two for voyeurism, three for causing public fear alarm or distress, and one public order offence.

All of the incidents involved female victims, one of whom was said to have been of “school age”, while the oldest was 56.

At least one incident resulted in a charge, Lancashire Police said.

The figures - released on the day upskirting becomes a specific criminal offence, punishable by up to two years in custody - show the vast majority of cases across the UK involved female victims and male perpetrators, according to data released by police forces under Freedom of Information laws.

The law comes into force following a high-profile campaign led by 27-year-old writer Gina Martin, who spent 18 months fighting to make the cruel craze a specific offence after two men took a picture up her skirt at a festival in 2017.

Justice Minister Lucy Frazer said: “There are no excuses for this behaviou