Revamp for town’s roundabout of woe

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A problem roundabout which has left some motorists in a spin has finally been revamped after a car became ‘impaled’.

On Tuesday a white Hyundai car became lodged on the centre of the Talbot Road roundabout after becoming stuck on a metal stump in the centre of the junction.

The road layout, part of the Talbot Gateway project, has proved a problem for drivers, with several signposts on the roundabout damaged by collisions, leaving a small stump in the centre.

Earlier this month a traffic cone was placed on top of the stump, but this week a car drove over the centre of the roundabout, becoming marooned.

Now the roundabout has been overhauled after a catalogue of incidents, with its centre painted white to highlight the route to drivers.

Driver Andy Mitchell, 52, of Thornton, who shared the above pictures, called the situation laughable and argued the roundabout, which is off centre to the junction, has proved problmatic for motorists.

He said: “It does seem to have become an ongoing farce doesn’t it? I’ve lost count of the number of times that roundabout has been clouted.

“It has to be down to the bizarre angle at which it is set into the road.

“Get that sorted, and I do believe we now have a very workable road system in town.”

A spokesman for Lancashire police confirmed officers attended the incident, which happened around 10pm.

He said: “We were called to be made aware of it. An officer attended and left the driver at the scene for it to be removed by a recovery team.”