Restraining order for ex after assault

Crown Court
Crown Court
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A Fleetwood man has been banned from contacting his ex-girlfriend after he pushed her in a row over money.

Peter Raglan, 31, of Radcliffe Road, was handed a five-year restraining order after Preston Crown Court heard he used ‘excessive force’ to get his former partner out of the house.

He must stay indoors from 8pm to 8am and was fined £100 for breaching a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to assault. He had previously attacked a man outside a nightclub in Blackburn, where his latest attack happened, the court heard.

At around 3.30pm on Sunday, September 10 last year, Raglan couldn’t find money and began shouting at his partner before pushing her, the court heard.

Paul Robinson, defending, said: “Raglan has a history of difficulties with drink and drugs, and also with mental health problems.

“He is taking medication. His condition stabilised and he tells me he has not used drink or drugs for some time.”

Judge Mark Graham said the prosecution accepted a guilty plea on the basis Raglan would only admit pushing his partner, despite previously being accused of punching her, leaving his hands ‘tied’. He added: “It seems to me, at face value, the complainant has been sold down the river.”